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Interlocking System A
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Normally used for environmental or safety control, typical applications include: Darkrooms, laboratories, clean rooms, x-ray or other treatment rooms, airlocks and more.

Method of Operation 1. All doors are normally closed and unlocked.
2. Opening any door causes the second door to lock until the opened door returns to the closed position.
3. A key switch provides system on-off control.

Operation may be applied to several door openings. Additional logic may be specified for exit delay, timed locking, control by other equipment conditions and communication with additional interlocks, mantraps and access systems.

Access Control System Engineering Services
Complete access control system design services are available through SDC. SDC will design your system and provide you with a complete System Design Folder with riser diagrams, point-to-point wire diagrams, detailed method of operation and component inventory for each opening.
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