1570 Series
Electromagnetic Door Lock

Energy Saver, ANSI Grade 1, Modular Magnetic Lock, 1200 lbs Holding Force with only 3 Watts power consumption. Field upgradeable monitoring outputs and servicing without removing from the door frame.

1571 SDC EMLock® Magnetic Lock, Surface Mount, Single, 1200lbs, 12/24VDC

1572 SDC EMLock® Energy Saver Magnetic Lock, Surface Mount, Double, 1200lbs, 6 Watts Max. @ 12/24VDC.

  • 1200 Lbs Holding Force
  • Autosensing 12/24 VDC Voltage Input
  • Choice of 6 anodized & plated finishes
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Compliant
  • BHMA Certified Holding Force
  • UL, CSFM, MEA Listed