1591 EMLock
Magnetic Lock for Sliding Doors

The SDC 1590 Series is a compact mortise EMLock® with 850lbs. of holding power packed in a 10"L x 1.4375"W x 1.5"D steel case.

The 1590 EMLock® is ideal for securing sliding or *swinging, manual or automatic doors. Its durability for high frequency use and its mortise installation make it the choice of specification writers, owners and architects.

With only two parts, the lock mortised in the frame and the armature in the door, the EMLock® secures the door in a closed position. When power is cut the EMLock® releases instantly.

When used with industrial sliding doors, two 1590 EMLock’s® may be used to provide up to 1700 lbs. of holding power.

1591 SDC EMLock® Electromagnetic Lock, Mortise Mount, 850lbs