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295 Series

Standalone Programmable Cabinet Locks

The Security Door Controls 295 Battery Powered Keyless Cabinet Lock provides an easy, economical solution for security and keyless access control for a wide variety of cabinet doors, drawers, storage lockers and more. Quickly and easily add/delete up to 30 individual user PIN codes with programmable keypad. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, the need for low voltage wiring is eliminated.

295 Programmable Cabinet lock

u Features
  • Battery Powered 2xAAA, No Wires
  • Retrofits Existing Cam Locks
  • Quickly Add/Delete Individual Users
  • Multiple User or 1-Time Use Modes
  • For new installations or retrofit of existing manual cam lock prep
  • Vertical or horizontal keypad mounting
  • Multiple locking cam positions, Left/Right, Bottom
  • Programmable Multiple User Mode or 1-Time Use Mode
  • 1 Master Code: Full programming and control capabilities
  • 1 Sub-Master: Limited programming for user codes, maintained unlock, unlock time only.
  • Keyed access override
  • Battery failure override using external 9V battery