474MU Touchless Sense Switch Exit Switch with Manual Override Button

IR Sensor, 4” read range, Wave to Exit Dual LED, illuminated status indication and manual override button. Control electric locks/strikes, magnetic locks, or automatic door operators. Entry/exit for sanitary environments including: bathrooms, cleanrooms, hospitals, labs, schools, or offices.

474MU Sanitary Touchless Exit Switch with Manual Override DPDT, 1 Gang faceplate

  • Uses IR Sensor Technology; Device is Active with the Simple Wave of a Hand
  • Manual Override Button; Operates in the Event of Power Failure or Sensor Failure
  • Designed to Control Electric Locks/Strikes, Magnetic Locks, or Automatic Door Operators
  • Ideal for Use in Sanitary Applications Such as Cleanrooms, Bathrooms, Food Processing, Hospitals and Labs
  • Sensing Range up to 4”
  • Mounted on a Durable Stainless Steel Plate
  • Dual LED, Illuminated Sensor, Red/Green
  • Indicates Inactive/Active Status