SDC's Auto EntryControl™ Low Energy Swing Door Operator offers true Plug N Play Access Control System Installation. It features an internal, 1.0 Amp+ Accessory/Lock Power Supply to allow for integration with electric latch retraction exit devices, electric strikes, and other electric locking system without adding an extra power supply. A time delay function is also built into the control system eliminating the need for supplemental relays or controls.

It provides hands-free, low-power point of entry door control to help meet all US and Canadian ADA requirements for door installations in retail storefronts, office buildings, campuses and healthcare facilities. The state-of-the-art microprocessor-based unit is self-tuning and self-learning while offering non-handed operation, full mechanical stops and a variety of interface options for sensors, push-plates, fire alarms and electrified locks.

AUTO136V PUSH Operator for 36” Door Opening, Aluminum

AUTO136X PUSH Operator for 36” Door Opening,
Dark Bronze Powder Coat

AUTO236V PULL Operator for 36” Door Opening, Aluminum

AUTO236X PULL Operator for 36” Door Opening,
Dark Bronze Powder Coat

AUTO336V PUSH & PULL Arms with 20mm & 35mm Spindles, One Motor Assembly, Aluminum

AUTO336X PUSH & PULL Arms with 20mm & 35mm Spindles, One Motor Assembly, Dark Bronze Powder Coast

Also available for 42" and 48” Door Openings
AUTO-KS Single Gang key lock switch

AUTO-KSN Narrow key lock switch

AUTO-RKR Narrow rocker switch

Handhelp Programmer Module


Auto EntryControl’s™ non-pivot drive and combination of belt, gear and pulley requires less torque, requires less power, absorbs more abuse, and is quieter than other automatic door openers while complying with all US and Canadian ADA requirements. On-board diagnostics simplifies troubleshooting for ease of installation and all Auto EntryControl’s™ can be easily configured for surface mounted push/pull or overhead concealed applications.

  • ADA Compliant
  • Complies with ANSI A 156.19
  • UL - Certifed for use as fire door operators (3 hour rating)
  • Self-Tuning, Self-Learning
  • Minimum 5 seconds from close to open
  • Stays open for 5 seconds
  • Force: 15 lbs -6.8 kg
  • Push or Pull (In door, Out swing)
  • Activation: Knowing Act
  • Optional Safety Device
  • Power: 1A, 100W
  • Non-Handed
  • Extremely Quiet Operation
SDC now has a full time AAADM Certified Inspector on board
to help ensure the proper design, installation and latest standards compliance for our automatic door operators.