Desktop Mini Consoles

The SDC Mini Desktop Consoles provide an economical method of controlling one or two doors. They are available in three switch configurations with Tri-Color LED indicators. When used with a door status or lock status sensor the LED’s allow monitoring of door and lock modes. The switches can provide an On / Off function or momentary access control for electromagnetic EMLocks, Shear Locks, Bolt Locks, Delayed Egress Systems, Electrical Exit System, or Electric Strikes.

DTMO-1 One momentary switch and one LED's

DTMO-2 Two momentary switches and two LED’s

DTMOMA-2 One momentary, one maintained switch and two LED’s

DTMA-2 Two maintained switches and two LED’s

  • 3 Amp SPDT contacts
  • Tri-Color LED, red, green, amber
  • 3.125" H x 4.125" W x 6.25" D
  • Gloss Beige