SDC Door
How to use:

Designed for dealers, installers and integrators, this practical, interactive tool will help gather the specific door details needed to successfully bid jobs and apply this information into solutions to submit. Use this tool to design, sell and win more bids. Here's how:

Fill in each page and hit "Next Page" to advance to the next page and ultimately complete the form. Upon completion, hit "Submit." SDC will email you your completed form in PDF format so you can design the appropriate access or egress control door solution for your project.

If assessing more than one door, be sure to input a unique door identifier - like Door #1 or Lobby Door, etc. - in the Door Identification section on the first page.

Before final submission, select “Next” or “Previous” to navigate to each page to review the door detail and make revisions. Once submitted, select “Assess a new door” to start a new checklist.

For questions or assistance in using the Door Checklist tool,
please use our "Chat Now" function or call 1.800.413.8783.

For those wishing to download a PDF form of the
Door Checklist, click here.

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