NEW PRODUCTS - 1st Quarter 2020

MLR Z7700 Mortise Lockset

Dual Purpose Latch Retraction Mortise Lockset with Electrified Trim Control.

Available in four models*:
  • Z7730 - failsafe, solenoid locks/unlocks both levers simultaneously
  • Z7732 - failsecure, solenoid locks/unlocks both levers simultaneously
  • Z7750 - failsafe, solenoid locks/unlocks outside lever
  • Z7752 - failsecure, solenoid locks/unlocks outside lever
Optional Full Monitoring Capability includes: Request-To-Exit • Door Position Status • Latchbolt Monitoring
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Touchless Sense Switch with Manual Override Button

IR Sensor, 4” read range, Wave to Exit Dual LED, illuminated status indication and manual override button. Control electric locks/strikes, magnetic locks, or automatic door operators. Entry/exit for sanitary environments including: bathrooms, cleanrooms, hospitals, labs, schools, or offices

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How To Avoid Access Control Power Problems In The Real World

A Practical Guide for Building/Facility Managers, End-users, Dealers, Installers and System Integrator
All power is not created equal, especially when designing and installing electrified access control hardware and systems in new or retrofit applications. Make sure you’re comfortable with Basic Access Control Power Concepts. Many people with years of industry experience have never had any electrical training. With the increasing use of more sophisticated electronic systems and circuitry, it is important that you have a strong foundation to avoid creating problems down the road.
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